About us


What incredible little gadgets mobile phones are! Since they become mainstream in the middle of the 1990’s these phones have simply exploded in terms of technology. Remember when you could only phone and text someone? What about the first camera phone? What a revolution that was! And then the internet was available on your phone through WAP services. Sure it was terrible but it developed at such a fast rate that now, more people use their mobiles to surf the net than laptops or desktop PCs.

And then came the smartphone. It is difficult to even contemplate life without one now but just a decade ago, they were just bursting onto the scene but only for the rich and famous. At JP Phones we have been in the mobile industry for over 15 years. Mobile is everything to us, from the handsets to the contracts available to helping people get the most out of their phones. We simply love anything to do with this incredible piece of technology.

So if you need any help choosing your next handset or finding the contract that is priced right for your needs, make sure you come and chat with one of our experts. We not only have the knowledge but we believe that this knowledge should be passed on and that is why we are willing to help with all things mobile.

We offer a range of services as well, from virus removal, setting up your phone, setting up email accounts, helping with various apps and selling phone accessories, actually you name it and we could probably do it for you, especially when it is mobile related.

Our staff are experts in their specific fields, from our contract guru’s to our technicians. You will find them more than willing to help you no matter what your problem. As technologies change, we ensure that they all receive the correct training so they can be at the forefront of their respective fields in the mobile industry.

So no matter your mobile problem, rest assured that at JP Phones, we will help you sort it out. Come and pay us a visit today and see how we can help you.